Communication is an important aspect of working well in a group environment. This test score shows that I still have lots of room to grow in regards to my communication skills.

Communication Script (60s):

Good afternoon, morning, or whatever time it may be for those watching.

Today I wish to bring to your attention the various issues which plague our environment as a consequence of exploitation of the world. Climate change, or more accurately climate destabilization, is the ongoing process of the Earth's climate becoming more and more unstable due to pollution. As it becomes more serious, dramatic large scale weather changes can begin to cause severe harm to people across the world. In many places, the Earth seems to become hotter, due to the greenhouse gases emitted by factories trapping heat. However, climate destabilization also causes the opposite, like what happened in Texas, where they were hit with sudden freezing, cold weather, which their infrastructure could not handle.

In order to prevent climate destabilization, we need to hold large companies accountable. It is important that we as consumers boycott companies which actively hurt the world for profit, and that we share the knowledge that most pollution is caused by these companies and not cars or individuals.